Michael Mullins New Jersey

Michael Mullins New Jersey

About Michael Mullinns New Jersey

Michael Mullins New Jersey, a fitness trainer and skilled guitarist from New Jersey is a product sales managing director and sales teacher at APN in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

Career in Sales

Mullins, originally from New Jersey, currently works full-time at APN, leading the sales team and delivering sales training. In this job, he has consistently exceeded his sales targets.
He formerly worked as a sales manager at Loyal 9, Venture Cash Advance, and Coppola Services. He built and developed sales teams that routinely exceeded their targets in all those responsibilities.

He was also the manager of Swatch Group, a retail store, overseeing a team of eight to twelve employees.

Championships in Weightlifting

Mullins is a local weightlifting and bodybuilding champion. Bench press, back squat, deadlift, and a 5K run are among his competitive events. He won the 2009 US National Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championship with a clean and jerk of 143 kg, shattering the US National Olympic weightlifting record for 85-kilogram lifters. He also won bronze at the 2010 World Masters Games in New York City, snatching 110 kg and jerking 136 kg. He has also set several state clean and jerk records. Mullins has also competed in the Nobull Crossfit games, where he has rated among the top 900 lifters in the United States and the top 1250 lifters globally.

He has a bachelor's degree in holistic fitness and nutrition.

Childhood and Adolescence

Michael Mullins New Jersey was born into a middle-class family and spent most of his childhood in New York. Mullins excelled in science, philosophy, and political science classes in high school and college. He attended Hackensack High School and was inducted into the Tri-M musical honour organization.

At 12, he began weightlifting and won the school-age Western National Championship at 48, 52, and 56 kg. At 67.5 kg, he also won the Junior National Championship.

Wrestling Achievements

Mullins transferred to collegiate Olympic wrestling and earned a scholarship in New Jersey. He primarily trained in Hackensack and North Jersey. He earned a business management degree from Bergen Community College and continued schooling at Montclair State University.

Interests and Hobbies

Mullins of New Jersey enjoys hiking in his spare time for exercise and proximity to nature. He is also a self-taught musician and ardent guitarist. Michael from New Jersey likes to read, use technology, play video games, and learn foreign languages.


Michael Mullins New Jersey has also developed a strong interest in Eastern philosophy, which he incorporates into all aspects of his life, including sales training, weightlifting, music, personal training, and hiking. Eastern philosophy focuses on people's behaviours and thoughts as they endeavour to free themselves of the erroneous "me" concept and uncover the actual "me" about everything around them or as part of a more extensive system. Western philosophy is more individualistic. "I encourage others to see their own worth and strive for a life they know counts," he adds.

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